Completed Adventures

Completed Adventures

Brice Fite

One of Brice’s passions was to hunt whitetail deer with his dad in Tennessee. His father submitted an application to our organization requesting that we take Brice on a hunt for a big ole whitetail buck. We were able to partner with Beaver Creek Ranch in Southeast Missouri to try and make this happen. This hunt was not without it’s challenges since Brice was confined to a wheelchair but we were able to make it happen the second day of his hunt when he harvested a 135” whitetail buck.

Gaige Willems

Gaige loved to go fishing with his dad so it was no surprise that when we received his application, he wanted to go on a fishing trip. When we were approached by another organization (who is no longer in business) to partner with us, we decided to make it a fishing trip/vacation for the family. We flew the entire family to Florida for a day offshore and a trip to Disney World! Gaige, his mother, his father and brother, spent the day doing some fishing and the next day they all spent the day at Disney and a pirate ship adventure.

Bryant Hahn

Bryant’s family had also requested a “big game” hunt for him and so we decided to return to Piney Ridge Ranch in central Missouri for another Red Stag hunt since we had success and a great time during Hunter Hoxworth’s hunt. Since Bryant could not do a lot of walking, it was decided that blind hunting was our best option. We were not having any cooperation from the stags, so we knew we going to have to get comfortable and make the best of 5 people in the blind. After setting out to locate the herd, they finally pushed toward the blind where Bryant was able to harvest this awesome stag!

Karah Pollard

Karah had many dreams but one of those was to harvest a ram. We once again partnered with Stone Creek Hunting to try and make her dream a reality. There were several sheep on the property but we were trying to find that “special” one for her and we found that with a black and white ram. She was a trooper and was able to endure the snow and cold temperatures and successfully harvest this beautiful ram. Karah was also able to harvest a sitka doe on this same hunt.

Hunter Hoxworth 017

Hunter Hoxworth

Hunter’s request was to be able to harvest a “big game” species by spot and stalk and we put our Hunting/Fishing Coordinator, Rocky Francis to work on trying to make this happen. He called to let us know that we would be taking Hunter to Piney Ridge Ranch in central Missouri to hunt Red Stag. After several times of being winded by different herds of stags, Hunter was finally able to make a great shot and harvest this awesome stag.

Hunter Aiton

Hunter’s request was for a whitetail buck in velvet, so we knew we had out work cut out for us. We were able to locate a ranch in upstate New York in the town of West Winfield that could accommodate our request. After the first unsuccessful day of spot and stalk, we decided that we would try blind hunting for the second day. Early in the second day, we could hear the shot ring out from the lodge followed by a call to let us know that Hunter was successful in harvesting his “velvet buck”!

Weston Livingston

When we received the application for Weston requesting a “big game’ species hunt, we knew that we would be headed back to Central Missouri and to our good friends at Stone Creek Hunting in pursuit of yet another Red Stag. After a long unsuccessful first day in the blind, we changed strategies and it proved to work. After seeing several 300” stags and multiple hinds, his stag finally decided to make his way toward the blind. After the stag turned broadside, Weston was able to do exactly what he need to do to go home with a great stag!

Trenton Beard & Clayton Miller

When we found out that both Trenton and Clayton wanted to harvest an Elk, we started to put together the first hunt where we brought two participants into the same ranch at the same time. The night before the hunt was to take place, we got 8” of snow! We called both participants and they felt they could make it to the ranch so it was now our turn to make the drive and make it happen. After 6 hours of 50 mph driving we met everyone there! It took us all day in very cold temperatures but they both were successful in harvesting their dream species

Taylor Lohman

Taylor’s dream hunt was to go on a hunt for a whitetail deer and to be able to harvest a mature buck and we went to work to put this together for him. We were able to partner with Stone Creek Hunting in the Piney Ridge region of Missouri to try and make his dream come true. Taylor was able to harvest this mature buck on his first day!