Dream Pursuit was formed to help children and young adults, diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, to be able to fulfill their dreams of an outdoor adventure by providing fully funded hunting and fishing adventures.
With each and every adventure, our goal is to provide a positive outdoor experience for every participant and their family members. For those of you that have been exposed to our great outdoors, you know just how rewarding and rejuvenating it can be. The harvest of an animal or the catch of a fish, is only a small part of this experience. The people we meet, the places we go, the lives we touch, if only for a time, will leave the memories that last long after the adventure is complete.

For these dreams to take place, it takes a great deal of time, money, dedication and generosity from all of those involved. This is why Dream Pursuit is dependent upon your help and generous contributions to assure that these dreams will become a reality. We are in need of individuals, businesses, corporations, civic organizations, outfitters, manufacturers, guides, charter captains and taxidermists to partner with our organization so that we can raise the funds that are vital to our cause. Will you join with us today?

We want to personally thank you for visiting our site and we trust that before you leave, you have considered becoming a partner with Dream Pursuit so that we can assure that these adventures are able to continue. Without your help, we could not make this happen.

About Us

Several years ago I had the unfortunate experience of losing a very close friend to a terminal illness. When Dustan became ill, he was still of the age and health where he was able to participate in a dream hunt for whitetail in the state of Texas. I had known Dustan’s father, Kelly, from years back but had fell out of touch over the years. When Dustan became ill, his father and I rekindled our friendship and were able to talk about the hunt that Dustan was granted. I was eventually introduced to the gracious individual that hosted that hunt, when Dustan’s father took me to Texas to hunt hogs on the very ranch where Dustan’s dream hunt took place. As the evening went on, it was very clear to me just how much of an impact this single event had on every person that was involved, especially the ranch owner. It was then that I knew somehow I had to be a part of something like this, but didn’t know how or in what way.

After the trip and on the way home, the idea for Dream Pursuit began. My wife and I spent the next year in careful thought, prayer and preparation as we wanted to make sure that Dream Pursuit was going to be an organization where families could place their trust to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

In 2010, a life-threatening illness struck closer to home when my mother was diagnosed with Bulbar Palsy, a form of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). I had to watch the health of the woman that raised me, deteriorate further with each passing day and could only imagine what my father was having to deal with. After the passing of my mother, I became even more determined to see that Dream Pursuit was an organization that could make a difference in the lives of many children and their families.

August of 2014 brought yet another hurdle in the lives of my family when my wife went into renal failure due to a kidney disease called FSGS. With only 14 percent function of her kidneys, we thought that we could control it with dietary changes only for her kidneys to further deteriorate to 7 percent at which time she was placed on dialysis. With an average wait on the recipient list of 6-10 years it was time to become more proactive in prayer and to make sure that the surrounding communities were aware of her need by placing fliers around the area. It was then that her donor stepped forward and told my wife that God had placed it on her heart to be her donor. Six months and two hospitals later, my wife finally received her kidney transplant. The lives of our two families have been joined together and we have since developed a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Too often in this life we are simply content with what this world has to offer with no thought of what we might give back, myself included. Having witnessed the lasting impression that Dustan’s hunt had left on everyone involved, the passing of my mother and the serious health issues my wife had been through, my wife and I then realized it was time for us to do everything we could do to help these children realize their dreams by providing a hunting or fishing adventure, second to none. With God’s help and yours, we intend to do just that!

Rick Davis